10 June 2010

Enterprise 2.0 Consultant?

I've never really thought of myself as an "Enterprise 2.0" guy.
Instead - I think of myself more as the kind of person who can help big companies become more nimble and flexible and forward thinking - and can help small companies become big and aggressive.

And then I ended up in the PBworks Top E2.0 Consultants voting.
In fact, as I write this, I (@cbtacy) seem to be #12.

Being on this list has made me thing about what "Enterprise 2.0" means - and about what I really do.

In the end - I think I've concluded that "Enterprise 2.0" is such a fuzzy concept with such a huge range that it's basically meaningless. In reading various definitions - it seems like there is not only no common shared definition, but when taken in total the definitions cover nearly everything someone who does "strategy" work might possibly do.

So... I guess I am, in fact, an "Enterprise 2.0 consultant" just like I do "Strategy" and am a "Consultant."

Of course... maybe this is all just post-rationalization to enable me to feel good about being included and recognized in this manner.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

07 June 2010

Stolen Thunder

That was one of the weirdest and flattest "big hype" technology events of all time.

I'm talking about this morning's Apple WWDC keynote of course.

I guess - given the level of hype around these things - it was inevitable that sooner or later we'd see one that simply fell flat. And maybe the leaked / lost / stolen phone made this result a foregone conclusion.

But to be honest - after the Android Froyo release, I'd expected different. I told multiple people that Android catching up to iPhone was purely temporary and that this announcement would show Apple again taking the lead.

Instead - what we got was Apple doing its own thing - going in a different direction than Google entirely.

You see... I'd expected some real "shot across the bow" stuff. In my head I was thinking about things like tethering (of course) but more than that was wondering if they would show off tight integration with cloud based MS Office. Or maybe even just a "super fast browser. I mean - if they REALLY wanted to steal Google's thunder and actually stake out a future looking position, I would have expected over-the-air iTunes integration or perhaps an announcement about a streaming store (aka "this is what we're doing with LaLa").

Instead we got video chat, iMovie on the phone, iBooks on the phone, better and richer gaming (if I were a gaming company I'd be working on using the iPhone as a controller)... basically a series of incremental improvements and additions. Fundamentally, nothing truly innovative, nothing surprising and nothing revolutionary.

Did I expect too much? Probably.
Should they have delivered more? Absolutely.