23 May 2008

Very interesting video from Ziba

Okay... so it's a puff piece par excellance.
It's more marketing than anything else - certainly more than journalism.
But it's surely something to learn from at least in my opinion.

another rock star needed

as we continue to grow over here at method world domination head quarters... we keep needing other revolutionaries to help our cause.

this week it's an exciting one.
we need someone to run our cadre of client services pros.

we're looking for someone incredible. we need the cat wrangler with juggling skills who can sell and spin while still knowing that at the end of the day it's all about delivering value to our customers.
we need the world's best project manager who has managed staff and grown companies who has done account direction and management while delivering strategy and selling work.
we need polish and fierceness.
we need the iron fist in the velvet glove.

if you need to work with the best and brightest. if you need challenges that are new and different. if you need stimulus and excitement. if you need to be one of the people leading and creating something new and revolutionary...

then you need to come and do this.
send an email to jobs@method.com with the subject line Vice President, Client Services.
tell 'em Chris sent you.


It seems like everyone is waking up to the enormous potential of locale-based services. iPhone... Android... throw in the new W Gibson novel...

Here is my question...

Why did it take so long to figure this out?
Is it because technologists are profoundly less "real world" locale focused than the vast majority of human-kind?
Are there other areas where we continue to be stupid and solve problems "for ourselves" and not solve ones that we don't care about?

03 May 2008


So the new Method website has launched (let's call in initial beta in the bright new Web Two Point Oh manner).

People keep asking me "what does method do?"
And "what is brand experience?"

Rather than telling people what the answers to the questions are (traditional website of this sort) - this new site attempts to demonstrate what we think they are.

I like it.

And now, perhaps, people will start asking new questions.