11 April 2007

more constraints

I recently traveled to the Bay Area for some consulting work - and to spend a birthday weekend in SF.

While on the flight down, I read a book recommended by Russell Davies.
This book is, in my opinion, an absolute must-read for anyone involved in creative services of any sort.

More than any book I've ever read, this takes an incredibly pragmatic and realistic and level-headed look at creativity and constraints - and reaches some logical and yet positive conclusions.

I would post some highlights and/or some quotes - but to be honest this is one of those books that I think you should buy and should own. Partially, this is because it should be a reference book for you. More than that - I think the author should be rewarded for writing it. It's that good and it's that valuable.

So go buy it.

The Houdini Solution: Put Creativity and Innovation to Work by Thinking Inside the Box
- by Ernie Schenck